Radical Devotion, meditative music from Norway and Sweden.

Radical Devotion has been around since 2008 with concerts, chanting and sound healing.
Trond Erland Sigvartsen and Linda Grahn is the core of Radical Devotion, which at times with several musicians.
Radical Devotion plays at numerous yoga events, festivals, concerts etc.

The music is directed toward stillness and meditation.
A space, where the human, earthly life can meet subtle dimensions.
Admittedly, there is the aim to sooth and calm the stress of modern life, contribute to healing and support
the path of expansion of consciousness and growth. And finely rest in the very being of the self. 
This is communicated through songs and mantras in concerts and in sound healing .
The music can be relaxing, uplifting, comforting, joyous, encouraging, inspiring and meditative.


Meditative concert with Radical Devotions mantra music.

Singing mantra is an ancient practice that has a positive and uplifting effect on us. Come and sing along, or just listen and rest in a good atmosphere. 

Together we sing songs that is clarifying, soothing and uplifting. You do not have to be good at singing. The focus is on what happens when we sing mantra. Singing mantras gives peace and clarity. The flow of thoughts is calming down, tension drops and one can experience spontaneous devotion, happiness and well-being. A fast way to reach our essence in the heart. 

Bhakti yoga, or the yoga of devotion, is the heart's way. After mantra comes silence and out of silence comes mantra. Mantra expresses awakening, Samadhi, therefore, also mantra can awaken Samadhi. Drop thoughts, stress and worries and sink into the depths of your own being. Without effort, the music will lead us into peaceful rest. The music is a tool for meditation and a yoga practice in itself. 

Soundhealing with Radical Devotion

In sound healing we work with healing mantras, ancient Tibetan singing bowls with particularly good healing properties, shaman drums and toning, etc. A room to meet subtle levels in yourself and travel in an inner discovery journey. A place with the opportunity to connect with the heart and rest in beautiful music and healing sound frequencies. It will help you to get into deeper levels of consciousness for healing and insight into the mysteries of life.

Sound vibrations work in areas beyond the daily mind. Healing sound frequencies reach us directly without being considered and analyzed in advance. Therefore, the delicate process of sound can be useful for reaching deep and unavailable areas. How soundhealing is experienced may vary from time to time. You may want to have no special expectations, rather have an open heart, drop your mind and sink into relaxation. Healing sound frequencies work on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

You may want to lay down on a mat and only receive the blessing of sound and the good energy in the room. Bring yoga mat, a pillow and a blanket.

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