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The Medicine Buddha, the King of Lapis Lazuli Light, is the master of medicine and healing. The mantra of Medicine Buddha is a very powerful method for healing and increasing healing powers both for oneself and others. Especially if you are doing healing work it helps you to be more accurate and beneficial. When we meditate on the Medicine Buddha and chant his mantra, we identify ourselves with the absolute buddha-mind, the state which is liberated and absolutely free. By reminding the clear light of the mind we are cutting off the roots of our suffering. Medicine Buddha will protect us from disease, negative karma, harm from spirits and obstacles. It is said in the sutra that who hears the name of the Medicine Buddha will not be reborn in the lower realms of the existence. If we chant the Medicine Buddha mantra with love and compassion it will benefit us and all other living beings.

Trond Erland Sigvartsen: vocal, guitars, bassguitar, synths.
Linda Grahn: vocals
Gui Mendonça: tablas
Tord Helsingeng: kalimba

Melody and production: Trond Erland Sigvartsen


Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze
Maha Bekandze
Radza Samudgate Soha

Tayatha – means “like this”.
Om – Signifies one’s own body, speech and mind.
Bekandze Bekandze -“eliminating pain, eliminating pain”. What eliminates pain is medicine. The first eliminating pain is true suffering, the second is the true cause of suffering. The medicine that eliminates pain is first the graduated path of the lower capable being, and second the graduated path of the middle capable being.
Maha Bekandze -“the great eliminating pain” is the graduated path of the higher capable being, which eliminates the subtle defilements.
So Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze contains the whole path to enlightenment, the ultimate medicine.
Radza – is king.
Samudgate – ocean of goodness.
Soha – to establish the foundation in the heart, the blessing, the devotion from which the realization comes.