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Dhanyoham Radical Devotion live
19 mars 2017 Oslo Yoga

Linda Grahn, Harmonium and Vocal
Trond E Sigvartsen, Guitar and Vocal
Jt Giitam, Drum and Vocal
Natasha Janaki Sofiskaia, Bass
Sigmund Kristoffer Vatvedt, Sitar


Dhanyoham Dhanyoham
Dhanyo Dhanyaha
Purnaf Punar Dhanyaha

"Such a beautiful meaning indeed!
Dhanya=wealth + Aham=I am
Becomes Dhanyoham, i am the wealth I seek to be., so blessed I am already as incomparable fullness. May I see how blessed I am, how wealthy I am just as I am.
This mantra is for sharing gratitude for all the given, especially when you can’t find a specific reason.,it’s because I am blessedness, the very source of gratitude! Dhanyoham 1008!
With love and best wishes"
Sky Akasha Tobias