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Rakhe Rakhan Har - Radical Devotion

Since 2008, Radical Devotions music has conveyed the message of our inherent essence. The music is a tool for meditation and self-understanding. Radical Devotion has its unique sound and a strong energy field arises during the concerts. Many have expressed that they have been deeply touched by the music. This is no religion, no connection to any particular spiritual direction, but rather an open encounter with oneself in the heart of truth. Radical Devotion is now based just outside of Oslo, Norway. They play at a variety of yoga events, retreats, festivals and concerts, etc.

Rakhe Rakhan Har is a soothing prayer given by Guru Arjan Dev Ji, the 5th Guru of the Sikhs. It is a mantra for complete protection which adds energy to one’s being, and helps when you are physically weak or have limited wealth. It does away with the obstacles to fulfilling one’s destiny. Chanting this mantra helps against fluctuations of the mind. It clears the way for happiness to enter your life by removing sorrow and pain from your heart

Rakhe Rakhan Har is included in the Aquarian Sadhana and is done as a part of the daily practice in the morning meditations for Kundalini Yoga practitioners. The Aquarian Sadhana mantras are powerful mantras that can be recited at any time of the day or night.

Linda Grahn: Vocals
Trond Erland Sigvartsen: Vocal, guitar, synth and bass
Chandra Lacombe: Vocal and kalimba
Gui Mendonça: Tablas

Melody and production: Trond Erland Sigvartsen
Lyric: Guru Arjan Dev Ji
Language: Gurmukhi


Rakhe Rakhan Har Aap Ubarian
Gur Kee Pairee Paa-eh Kaaj savaarian
Hoaa aap daiaal manhu na visaarian
Saadh Janaa Kai Sang Bhavjal Taarian
Saakat Nindak Dusht Khin Maahi Bidaarian
Tis Saahib Kee Tayk Naanak Manai Maahi
Jis Simrat Sukh Ho-ay Saglay Dookh jaahi

God Himself is looking out for us,
gives us the light, and takes care of our affairs.
God is merciful, and never forgets us.
God guides us, giving us good people to help us.
God does not allow hurt to come to us.
I take comfort in the thought of God.
When I remember God, I feel peaceful and happy
and all my pain departs.