Radical Devotion - live in concert - Oslo Yogafestival

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Oslo Yoga (Sagene Samfunnshus), Kristiandsandsgate 2, 0463 Oslo, Oslo, NO

Meditative mantra concert with Radical Devotion - Oslo Yoga Festival.

Chanting mantra is an ancient practice that has a positive and uplifting effect on us. Everyone is invited to chant mantras and join the universal choir in the yoga of the voice. Come and sing along, or just listen and rest in a good atmosphere. After mantra chanting comes a nice silence. Let go of thoughts, stress and worries, and sink into the depths of yourself. Without any effort, the music will be able to lead us into peaceful clarity. The music is a tool for meditation and a yoga practice in itself. A highly effective and fast way to reach our essence in the heart. Bhakti yoga, or the yoga of devotion, means precisely the path of the heart.

Linda Grahn - Harmonium & Vocal, Trond Sigvartsen - Guitar & Vocal, Annette Behrens - Bass & Vocal, Jt Giitam - Drum & Vocal

The profit from the Oslo Yoga Festival is donated to the aid organization Forut and their partner APSA in India.