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  1. Lucid Dreamer
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Lyrics: Karma Mingyur Palden/Rolf Tøndel
Melodi: Rolf Tøndel/Trond Erland Sigvartsen


Lyrics: Karma Mingyur Palden

A lucid, perfect dream I had
While really quite a wake
In this lucid dream I dreamed
That real was really fake

Dreaming that reality
Is really dreams illusive.
I dreamed that real and dreams had merged
Becoming all inclusive.

In this dream I did a wake
To realize this fact.
That I the dreamer have the choice
Which dreams upon to act.


Then I dreamed I better not
See the dream as real.
Better not to act at all
And break the sacred seal.


I pray I never reawake
To matter being all.
The dreamers world is much more real
I’m sure you will recall.


I am the lucid dreamer
Won’t you dream your dream with mine?
Together we create pure joy
Reflecting how we shine