Radical Devotion konsert - Stockholm

Hälsanshus , Fjällgatan 23B, 116 28 Stockholm

Meditative concert with Radical Devotions mantra music.

This weekend Radical Devotion will take part of the weekend retreat with the wonderful spiritual teacher Paul Hurcomb. The concert on Saturday is open for everyone, or in other words if you are not on the retreat you can still come to the concert.

Singing mantra is an ancient yogic practice (Bhakti yoga) that has a positive and uplifting effect on us. Come and sing along, or just listen and rest in a good atmosphere. Together we sing songs that is clarifying, soothing and uplifting. Singing mantras give peace and clarity. The flow of thoughts calms down, tension drops and one can experience spontaneous devotion, meditation and well-being. A fast way to reach our essence through the heart.

Bhakti yoga, or the yoga of devotion, is the heart's way. After mantra comes silence and out of silence comes mantra. Mantra expresses the awaken state, Samadhi, therefore, also mantra can awaken Samadhi. Drop thoughts, stress and worries and sink into the depths of your own being. Without effort, the music will lead us into peaceful rest. The music is a tool for meditation and a yoga practice in itself.

Radical Devotions devotional music is the sound of becoming one in the music. A field where everything comes together. The heart opens and we can enter into the joy of our being. There are moments of songs of devotion and inquiry, mantras and sound healing. An inner world music that invites you to the depths of meditation.

Since 2008, Radical Devotion's music has conveyed the message of our essence. Trond Erland Sigvartsen, voice and guitar and Linda Grahn, voice and harmonium, met on a festival stage in Sweden and has ever since been playing together. They are now based in Norway sharing their passion for meditative music.

Radical Devotion symbolizing a radical shift of consciousness from busy mind identity to heart awareness and finally realizing the inherent being of truth. Bhakti or devotion is the path of the heart. An awakening of love. A journey from here to here, at this very moment forever dwells the eternal self within. Music is our vessel and the channel to travel through layers of consciousness is the sacred syllables. Mantras express where words come short and are a direct link to samadhi. The mind becomes still and we can sink into the freedom of meditation in deep peace.

Retreat with Paul Hurcomb:

200 kr cash