Meditative concert with Radical Devotion - Stjärnsund

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Stiftelsen Stjärnsund - Fridhem, Bruksallén 16 , 77071 Stjärnsund, Dalarnas Län

Meditative concert with Radical Devotions mantra music.

Singing mantra is an ancient practice that has a positive and uplifting effect on us. Come and sing along, or just listen and rest in a good atmosphere.

Together we sing songs that is clarifying, soothing and uplifting. You do not have to be good at singing. The focus is on what happens when we sing mantra. Singing mantras gives peace and clarity. The flow of thoughts is calming down, tension drops and one can experience spontaneous devotion, happiness and well-being. A fast way to reach our essence in the heart.

Bhakti yoga, or the yoga of devotion, is the heart's way. After mantra comes silence and out of silence comes mantra. Mantra expresses awakening, Samadhi, therefore, also mantra can awaken Samadhi. Drop thoughts, stress and worries and sink into the depths of your own being. Without effort, the music will lead us into peaceful rest. The music is a tool for meditation and a yoga practice in itself.

Stiftelsen Stjärnsund - Fridhem Bruksallén 16, 77071 Stjärnsund, Dalarnas Län, Sweden