Radical Devotion at Yoga Mela Festival

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Divinya, Eslöv , 24192 Skåne, Sweden

We are happily welcoming all of you to join YOGA MELA - The Green World Yoga & Sacred Music Festival from 30th June – 7th July in Divinya, Skåne.

Radical Devotion will be leading a workshop on Sunday July 1st and giving a concert Thursday July 5th, at Yoga Mela.

This festive celebration of life promotes authentic yoga, sacred music and spiritual inspiration rooted in original teachings of the East. This unique gathering of teachers, artists and people from all around the world creates the atmosphere of harmony and bliss that deeply touches everyone’s heart.

Let us rejoice in the spirit of yoga, sacred music, singing and the magic of living together! It is the fourth year we are arranging the Festival and it has become a great event in co-creation with all the international artists, teachers and participants - full of inspiration, meaningful togetherness and new learning towards a new humanity.


View the full Yoga Mela Festival program with many more well-known artists: https://divinya.org/yoga-mela-festival/