The Silence of the Heart. 5 day residential Easter retreat with Paul Hurcomb. Live music Radical Devotion

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Stiftelsen Stjärnsund - Fridhem, Bruksallén 16 , 77071 Stjärnsund, Dalarnas Län

This is an opportunity to join Paul for a 5-day residential retreat of satsangs, meditations, self inquiry, live music, yoga, and walks in nature in the beautiful retreat centre Fridhem in south of Dalarna, situated in the northern part of central Sweden.

The main purpose of this retreat is to stop and be still and look inwards to discover our own true nature. This retreat offers the potentiality to come to complete clarity of who we are beyond the mind made self. It is a direct invitation to discover the timeless and ever present Being.

‘I want to stand alongside you. Not above you. Not in authority over you. Not knowing more than you. But stand together with you. As the Self, as emptiness, as silence. Embracing the fullness of our humanness. From the light of our divinity.’ Paul Hurcomb

About Paul: Paul spent 12 years as a practicing Buddhist until 2002, when he had a deep awakening from mind identity to presence. This led to meeting his teacher Sri Mooji in India and from there a calling to holding meetings and retreats. Pauls approach is natural and spontaneous, combining the deep embodiment of presence with a direct, simple and clear approach to spirituality. During these retreats Paul offers a direct invitation to come into the full realisation of Being.

Program We will have daily meditations, satsangs and bhajans with Radical Devotion as well as space for deep rest, yoga, sharing, and walks in nature. The times in between satsangs are in silence. A program will be set every day, everything is optional.

Price food and accommodation : Price full pension 2200 SEK in dormitory 2600 SEK in double room 3000 SEK in single room

Price retreat: 2600 SEK

For Booking please contact Charlotta

Accommodation There are only 40 residential places for this retreat. Fridhem have double rooms, 4-bed and 6-bedroom (dormitories) in the house and for those who prefer single rooms we offer that in private homes.

Food There will be breakfast, lunch and dinner with organic, vegetarian ingredients served every day plus fruit and tea available in the breaks. If you have any special dietary needs please do let us know.

How to get here You will get full descriptions in your confirmation mail upon booking.

Check in/ check out Arrival and check in: Thursday 29th of March 3-5 pm, 5 pm practical information meeting The retreat ends: Monday 2nd of April lunch 12.30, check out 3 pm

Questions and more information For questions about the retreatcenter: email Charlotta Ek-Åhrberg, or calll tel +46702411945, +4622580198. Any questions about the retreat ask Ulrika: or call +46709854377

About Paul Hurcomb: About the course center: About Radical Devotion: About Mariananda Karlberg: About Stjärnsund:

“Sometimes life strips away all of our well rehearsed roles we are once again left naked, alone, empty, without ideas, without certainty, without a next move until all that remains is the unborn, appearing as pure undivided ~ Presence ~”

For Booking please contact Charlotta