The Heart of Presence with Paul Hurcomb and Radical Devotion 2-6 Januar 2015

’The Heart of Presence’ - with Paul Hurcomb and Radical Devotion Residential retreat at Odenslunds kursgård, Nyköping, Sweden 2 - 6 January

The Heart of Presence -Retreat with Paul Hurcomb and Radical Devotion, Nyköping, Sweden 2-6 January

“One of the most beautiful things we can do for others is to simply give them space; space to be themselves, space to express, space to rest, space to be still, space to be quiet, space to breathe, space to simply be....”

Explore the possibility of living together in the state of presence. Daily satsangs, guided meditations, time in nature, self-inquiry, hanging out by the fire, yoga, bhajans, cooking, eating and living together in a very simple, natural, real way. Some part of the day will be in silence and there will also be space for sharing. The main focus of this retreat is to discover who you are beyond the conditioned identity.

About Paul: Paul spent many years as a practicing Buddhist until 2002 when he had a deep awakening from mind to presence. This led to meeting his teacher Mooji in India and from there a natural progression to holding meetings and retreats. Paul's approach is natural and spontaneous combining the deep embodiment of presence with a direct, simple and clear approach to spirituality. During these retreats Paul offers a direct invitation to come into the full realisation of Being.

"Self knowledge is not informational, it is to know yourSelf as that which is prior to all information"

About Radical Devotion: Radical Devotion plays kirtans/bhajans, concerts and soundhealing. Ancient methods of healing sound and mantras is expressed in a modern context with the intention to support awakening with sound and music as a spiritual practice

Practicalities: Odenslunds Kursgård is situated 20 minutes from Nyköping, 104 km south of Stockholm. Odenslund is an old school out in the countryside surrounded by open fields. Its a place well suited for an indoor retreat with a lot of fireplaces and space to be and hang around. Hopefully the weather will also invite to outdoor activities as walks and perhaps building a snowman… Remember to bring warm clothes and also slippers for inside.

Accommodation:There are 7 rooms with 3 beds in each bedroom with pillows and blankets. Three toilets and showers. Please bring your own sheets and towels and perhaps earplugs. There will be limited access to meditation chairs, pillows and yoga mats. So please bring if you can. Your own blanket could also be nice.

When:Arrival on Saturday January 2nd from 3 pm. Dinner At 5.30. The retreat starts after dinner with meditation/Satsang. A detailed program will be posted every night. The retreat ends January 6th after lunch with some cleaning and a closing ceremony 2 - 3 pm.

Food:We’ll eat vegetarian food. We are looking for a person to be responsible for the kitchen! Please send an email to for details. The dinner will be catered. Everyone will take turns to help with breakfast, lunch, and dinner (the kitchen is very practical, and has two dishwashers:))

Price Retreat – 4 100 SEK